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My name is Gino Campione, I have been researching Cancer extensively since 1998 after my cousin died of cancer at the age of 41. I have helped over 70 cancer patients with amazing results since 2005.There has even  been doctors who have been amazed to as why the cancer cells dramatically regressed ,have become completely necrotic and  have even gone through Anti-Angiogenesis  after using this 4 step   protocol. I have so much knowledge about the hows and whys to this disease. I am by no means a doctor nor do I hold a Ph.D in any form, but I find reading and researching cancer to be very interesting.
Many of our friends and loved ones have been diagnosed with this disease and have died, when in fact so many can be saved. Here is just a bit of information to this protocol in fighting and ultimately beating cancer.
     The first step  and probably the most important step  to fight and beat cancer is to strengthen your white blood cells,(white blood cells are also known as our immune system) specifically the T -cells, B cells, the NK cells (a.k.a natural killer cells) and the macrophage cells. This is your first line of defense. These are the cells in the white blood system which attack and destroy cancerous cells. You can do this naturally without prescription drugs.(just ask me how to do this and I will be more then happy to tell you).
    The second step to this  protocol is to detoxify your whole body and every major organ because ultimately cancer cells release toxins in our body. There are seven major organs in the body that need to be detoxified and this is called the seven channels of elimination which is detoxification of the lungs, liver, lymphatic system, blood, skin, kidneys and colon. We are all born with cancer cells in our body and whether they mutate or metastasize is all based on each individuals life style, what we consume,ect. Chlorine and fluoride are the top 2 carcinogens (cancer causing agents while asparteme is 3rd highest).
    The third step is ph balancing. When cancer cells mutate and metastisize, its because the ph of our body has become exceedingly acidic. Cancer cells are anaerobic which means that they  thrive and can only survive in a non oxygen environment and where there is a non oxygen  environment there is also an acidic environment. If we raise our body's ph to an alkaline state of 7.35 to 7.45 the cancer cells will go through a process known as an apoptosis which means cancer cell suicide. In essence when a body becomes alkaline, cells then have oxygen in them.This is a 100% scientific proven fact.Dr.Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for this discovery.
    The fourth step is Nutrition, a diet high in Antioxidants especially with high O.R.A.C values and elimination of sugar in every form. We must eat 85% organic raw fruits and vegetable diet and 15% cooked non acidic foods. All of these methods can be done completely natural. What I have stated here is proven scientific fact. The food and drug administration (FDA) will never find a cure, or should I say release a cure for one simple reason...$ MONEY. Thats right GREED.
Here is a quote from Dr. Johanna Budwig,"The beauty of my protocol is that it is effective against a wide variety of cancers, perhaps all of them - even leukemia. There are no exclusions."
 There was a chief oncologist at a very prominent cancer hospital in New York City back in 1968. To prove his cures for cancer he went to hospice homes and cured 98% of terminally ill patients, 2% died because there was not enough time for these people to heal or to reverse there cancer. The F.D.A. found out about his healing methods,and can you guess how they rewarded him? Did they appraise him ? Give him a raise?They actually exiled him from the U.S.A to Germany where he continued to cure cancer patients for the past 31 years. 
If you have any doubts to what you have just read and you do not believe the FDA would hide any type of cancer cures,then just google the bitter almond tree and ask yourself why is it that in the United States we as citizens are not permitted to grow the bitter almond. In 1995 the bitter almond tree was banned in the U.S. Here is some information that I have found in my many years of research.
Bitter almonds contain vitamin B17, (laetrille/amygdalin).The bitter almond has the highest content of this natural occurring substance. It is also found in apricot seeds, apple seeds, peach seeds ect. If you want more information beacause you are still unsure, just google Jason Vale. A young cancer patient (or should I say ex cancer patient) from New York who was sent to hospice after his doctors told him there was nothing else they could do for him. While he was hospice bound he stumbled upon vitamin B-17. Here is his website Jason Vale cured himself with apricot seeds and after realizing what he had discovered about this seed, he started telling other cancer patients that he found a natural cure for cancer. The FDA found out about what he was saying to people about these seeds and they put him in prison.
    Here is another website:          
If you want an explanation of how this natural vitamin B-17 causes an apoptosis to occur only within the cancerous cell, just ask me and I will explain the simple process. By the way do not be fooled by the natural occuring cyanide found in vitamin B-17 to the synthetic man made poisonous cyanide.There is a huge diffrence, the enzyme in our bodies called Rhodenase neutralizes the natural cyanide.
Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you..."
Dr.Mark Rosenberg states "Many Oncologists Recommend Avoiding Antioxidants during Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy – Is there Validity to this Concern?Radiation and many chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells (and healthy cells) by causing oxidative stress, or free radicals. Antioxidants support the immune system by reducing free radicals. The concern that antioxidant therapy will undermine the effectiveness of chemo/radiation therapy is based on theory and conjecture rather than evidence. Interestingly, studies that have looked at the combination of therapies (chemotherapy and/or radiation in conjunction with antioxidants) reveal patients’ survival was either the same or better than with traditional therapy alone, yet with less negative side effects. If your oncologist remains concerned regarding combining the two therapies, we would be happy to email him/her the literature.  
ALL WEAK CANCER PATIENTS SHOULD USE, no matter what treatment they are on is Barley Power, an enzyme supplement that has virtually every enzyme on earth in it.
Barley Power is a "green" product that is cold-processed. Every cancer patient, on any treatment, should use Barley Power. Take at least 12 pills a day, perhaps many more. Here is their website:   
    Enzymes and MagnesiumProteolytic enzymes (also called: pancreatic enzymes) literally cut apart the thick protein coating which covers cancer cells. Proteolytic enzymes are normally used to cut apart the protein coating so that the immune system can recognize the cells as cancerous. The use of proteolytic enzymes for this reason has been around for decades.
By cutting apart the protein coating proteolytic enzymes may also be able to get much more hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells.
There are many, many brands of proteolytic enzyme supplements. One of the best known is Vitalzym. Use a search engine to find an online vendor of Vitalzym or to find a competitor product.
Vitalzym, however, does not contain nattokinase, which helps to dissolve blood clots. Enzyme supplements which contain nattokinase should not be used in high doses because they thin the blood too effectively. However, they are important enzymes to prevent blood clots. If blood clots are a potential issue for the cancer patient, I suggest the high quality enzyme supplement: 10Zymes (the only vendor will be mentioned below).
(Note: Cancer patients who are taking prescription blood thinners should work with their medical doctor as they slowly integrate ANY enzyme products with their prescription drugs!!)
In other words, all cancer patients who use hydrogen peroxide should use a quality proteolytic enzyme such as Vitalzym. Additionally, those cancer patients who are concerned about blood clots should use two enzyme supplements. The enzyme with nattokinase should be used in low doses (no more than one per day) and the enzyme without nattokinase should be used in high doses.
These enzymes also break apart hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, which is a good thing because it helps prevent some stomach issues to be discussed below.
Magnesium is absolutely critical when using enzymes. Enzymes simply will not work without magnesium. While 10Zymes has magnesium in it, it does not have enough magnesium in it for the use of Vitalzym.
The Essense of Life website is the only website which sells 10Zymes (it is a proprietary blend), but whether you use 10Zymes or not, they also sell a very high quality magnesium supplement which all persons who take Vitamzym should take (take one teaspoon a day of the magnesium):10Zymes Vendor and/or Magnesium Vendor
I would take one 10Zyme a day (if there is a concern for blood clots), and at least 6 Vitalzym pills a day to help the hydrogen peroxide get inside the cancer cells. You can take more than 6 Vitalzym pills a day if you wish, but they are also blood thinners so you cannot take unlimited doses. As I remember, the maximum is 9 pills a day, though for short periods higher doses can be taken        
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